Monday, May 22, 2006

Parts of a Vernier Caliper

Let us examine the construction of a vernier caliper. A simple vernier caliper will have a fixed jaw with main sclae, movable jaw with vernier scale and locaking screw. Apart from the main external jaws which is used for measuring, there are also internal jaws which are used for measuring internal dimensions of holes and cavities and a depth measuring bar. See the picture of Vernier Calipers here.
The unique construction of vernier calipers makes it very versatile to measure almost all kinds dimensions of a work piece. A vernier caliper can be used for measuring external dimensions like length, width, thickness and outseide diameters of round work pieces. It can be used for measuring internal diameters of holes, length and width of cavities using the internal jaws. And with the help of depth measuring bars, we can also measure the depth of blind pockets etc using a vernier caliper.


Blogger Shmevan said...

I was hoping to build a set of capipers and was wondering if you have the detailed graphic images available? Or even the full 3D?
Thanks for any help,

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Blogger Ranjith said...

Thanks for this useful post.
Vernier Calipers

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