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Calipers are the simplest tools used for measuring. When since and technology started its development the need for measuring equipments aslo araised. Calipers are one of the oldest form of measuring tools. Lots of developmenst have come since then and todays calipers are equipped with vernier scales to digital scales.

Type of Calipers

Broadly we can categorise calipers into two. Outside caliper and Inside caliper.
Outside caliper as its name implies used for measuring external dimensions. For example you can measure the length and width of a recatagular block using outside caliper.
Inside caliper on the other hand is used for measuring internal dimensions. Examples are, measuring slot widths, hole sizes etc.

Vernier Calipers

Vernier caliper is a measuring instrument derived from the principle of calipers. But unlike simple calipers, vernier calipers makes use of a vernier scale which is attached on the main scale of the vernier calipers to give a more accurate reading. We will discuss more about vernier calipers in the coming posts.


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